Miley Cyrus: VMA’s 2015 Host

Yes, that’s right. You read that title right. Miley Cyrus, one of the most controversial┬ámusic artists of the moment, is returning to the very place that started her controversial cycle… The MTV Video Music Awards.

I don’t think a lot of people saw this coming to be honest. She announced it via her social media sites and as soon as she did the press blew up on the announcement and drove the story as far down that road as they could and it isn’t as if they didn’t think it would go anywhere. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone and they still are. This is what MTV wanted wasn’t it? Publicity hype before the event. Well, they won.

I personally just don’t get it. I see it from both sides, as a music fan and as a music PR professional. On the one hand, as a fan I’m thinking why would they do that, she’s gone crazy and her performance was wacky last year but as a professional I’m thinking good move so far for MTV. The amount of people they are going to get tuning into the show just to see what crazy stuff Miley Cyrus will do next… it’s going to be millions! Great publicity too for Miley, who will be eager to draw in publicity from her ‘out of the ordinary’ hosting.

However, I can’t help but wonder whether they have thought this through. Have they signed a contract with her to limit what she can do? Is the show going to be pre-rehearsed so they know what is coming? What if she goes all ‘ad lip’ on them and turns what they thought was going be an alright show that people would want to watch, into something they have to ‘bleep’ most of the contact out of?

I just hope that within the behind the scenes they have planned this to the T… because if it is done well, MTV will be rolling in it. Literally.

What is your perception of the situation? Do you think this was a smart PR move or do you think it could be another viewing disaster for MTV but another controversal plus for Miley Cyrus?

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Being a PR student in the city of Southampton…

The city of Southampton, it’s such a unique place. It’s not like any other city i’ve been too, this one’s quite small yet so diverse. The people you see wondering the streets as so different in character and ethnicity; you can see why it’s a great cultural area.

For myself, i’ve been living here for around a year and a half now, studying as a Public Relations and Communications student. Not going to lie, the cold brittle house I stay in, isn’t the best but it’s student life I guess.

However amongst the wheelie bins and traffic wardens that roam the streets of Southampton, I still find time to walk around the city and appreciate the location I’m studying in.
There is so much to offer here. For a country girl like myself, coming from a little village in Somerset, moving to Southampton was a complete eye opener.
It made me wonder… Is this where I want to work in the future? A city?

I always thought i’d stick to my country girl roots. Trust me, it’s noticeable. I have had plenty of my classmates comment on my farmer-like accent. However I weirdly like the busyness of the city. The morning wake up call that is the hurling traffic that drives past my window, the evening lights that blare from the office windows. It’s surreal.

If i were to look back on my decision to study in Southampton, there is no doubt about it, it’s a great city to study in. The opportunities that arise from the local businesses is incredible.
Over my year and a half studying I’ve had experiences with Remarkable group, Johnny Hopkins who worked with bands such as Oasis, Mike Maynard was a lecturer of mine from Napier and also CooperVision contact lenses brand. All of my lecturers have all got real PR industry experience. It’s great to know the people who are teaching you your skills, have been through our ‘hopeful’ jobs before.

So to all you students out there who are trying to make it into the world of PR, try Southampton Solent University.
I wish I could say they are paying me to publicise them, but they’re not. I’m doing this because I really do believe it was the best decision I ever made.

Experience is Everything…

To put it bluntly, experience is everything within the PR industry. After talking to industry workers at the first ‘Public Relations show 2013’ on Tuesday 26th November, the majority of them don’t even have a PR degree. Sort of makes me wonder whether degrees are really necessary these days? However, drifting from that point. Experience. There is nothing more important than getting experience within the field you want to go into. So for me, having the experience to undertake a mock ‘Client Meeting’ the other day at University, gave me great confidence to conduct these in future years.

For one of our assignments in year 2, we have to pitch to a client with strategies and tactics to develop awareness for their brand. Our mock client meeting helped us to pitch our ideas and outline the strategy for the company.

Overall a great experience and something I’d encourage every student to do before you go out into the real world of PR.

Below is a picture from the event, as our group was recorded and photographed for the event.