Latest News Within The Music World

Just a quick blog post for music fans out there, to update you on the latest news within the music world!

1) Global Release Day: You might or might not have heard about the new global release day that has been arranged by music industry bodies around the world. This one set day, now being Friday, will play host to all new music releases. In previous years different countries around the world had different days. Some say this new set date is good for the industry to help combat piracy but some are a little hesitant to understand the positive reasoning behind the change. As it is now on a  Friday there is a worry that supermarkets, music stores and other retailers will now have issues if a stock problem occurs as it will be harder to alter this on a Saturday. Also, it also means many music industry people will have to work on a weekend. Weekends are for relaxing aren’t they? We will see how this pans out when the first global release day hits us on Friday the 10th July.

2) AC/DC enter the world of streaming: It has been a long time coming, but finally AC/DC are gracing us with their entire album collection (16 to be precise) via streaming sites Spotify, Deezer and Rdio. Great news for AC/DC fans!

3) Apple Music was launched: It was launched and it has had mixed reviews, mainly facing the hassle you have to go through to download Apple Music in the first place, but if you want to read the full details on how the launch has been and what my verdict was head over and click here.

4) Uptown Funk is best-selling song of 2015 so far: It has been announced today via Music Week (click here) that Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ no.1 hit ‘Uptown Funk’ is the best-selling song of 2015 so far!! For a track that Mark Ronson recently stated on ITV this morning was a little jam with Bruno Mars, it has done pretty well for itself. Well done to Columbia Records and to the press team within. Gaining publicity for this song and the artists within it would have played a major role. (See them play at Glastonbury here).

5) Lionel Richie’s ‘Best of’ sales soar: If you missed Lionel Richie’s performance at Glastonbury you can click here to view him perform ‘Dancing on the ceiling’. For Lionel, it was a return to the big screen, the big stage and the big crowd for a well reviewed and received performance. Now, considering his age he wasn’t exactly dancing on the ceiling per say, but he did a great job! So much enthusiasm and so much interest and passion in what he was doing. You could easily tell he loved being there and well it paid off, literally. His album sales have risen by 2693% and music week are predicting a no.1 for him!

Richie could earn his first No.1 album in 23 years – previously hitting the top with 1983’s Can’t Slow Down and 1992’s Back To Front.

That is crazy but also quite amazing to see what one performance at an iconic festival can do for someones career!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed catching up on the latest music related news within this blog post. I’ll try to keep this going every week or so!


Glasto: The Libertines CONFIRMED

Well Glastonbury is fully underway and it has already been surprised by some unscheduled faces to brighten up what has been a rainy day for the music festival. The synthpop with a pinch of indie act ‘Bastille’, confirmed their surprise set in the early hours of this morning (26/06/2015) and they later got on the William’s Green stage at 1:30pm to a roaring crowd! Some fans were left outside of the tent due to the sheer volume of people who showed up for their unscheduled performance. It’s a shame for those fans that didn’t make the set in time because the band, as well as covered some classic hits like ‘things we lost to fire”, pulled out some new material. FINALLY. It is about time. Hopefully this means we will be seeing a new album from them soon. Even though the heavens have opened and the typical Glasto stereotype rainy weather has arrived at the festival once again; the set for tonight has just got a little bit more interesting. With Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters out of the picture after his traumatic leg break, Florence and the Machine were pulled up to replace the headline slot. The first British Woman to headline the festival in 16 years! And NOW. The very much-anticipated rumour has been confirmed. The Libertines WILL be replacing Florence and the Machine’s original pyramid stage slot tonight! They announced it via Instagram with this still very secretive image…

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 19.55.41

Festival Season: The Fall


The sun is out… well, almost. The shades are on…. well, sometimes and the festival season has begun… Yes, Yes it has!!

It is the most exciting time of year for musicians everywhere. Whether you’re a big named household star or a local band who have been picked to play a slot at their local music festival, artists all around are jumping on the band wagon of music festival season but is it like it used it be?


I first experienced music festivals in 2011, when I attended my first festival, that being Reading Festival. I do now look back on it and think to myself, I sort of picked the more ‘hardcore’ of festivals to attend as my first one; probably should have tried a smaller one first but hey, it was a great experience. Plus, I have been back every year since, so it didn’t completely terrify me.

The rain that year did fall down quite heavily and I woke up one morning with water in my tent but that’s just festival life. Good old England and its rainy weather. As I write this now, it’s hammering it down with rain… quite fitting.

Anyways, acts are cramming in as many festivals as they can but to what extent are festivals as good as they used to be?

There has been a downfall in ticket sales, many festivals don’t sell out now until a few weeks prior, including Reading Festival which last year saw tickets still on sale a few weeks beforehand. Also, a lot of festivals don’t see as many regulars returning anymore. Not sure if that is just me and people I know but gone are the days of festival junkies I think.

Is this all down to the lack of headline acts available?

Harvey Goldsmith recently confirmed this prediction on music week by stating:

‘Music festivals have probably run their course’

A part of me inside is going ‘Noooooo…. don’t say that’ but I must admit I did see this coming.

There just doesn’t seem to be as big of a hype anymore. One theory of mine is this new age of mixed genre gigs. Reading always used to be a rock festival, Glastonbury an indie festival and V Festival a Pop festival… etc etc… and now Kanye West has received a headline slot at Glastonbury and Mumford and Sons are headlining Reading….

Although it is great for some new attendees to be able to see a mixture of acts, I really don’t think it has bode well for the regular followers festivals use to get, who go intentionally to be able to see the rock/pop/indie acts they love.

I know the festival owners intentions are good… or more, in the eyes of money… they want to gain a wider audience; attract those fans they couldn’t before. However, what they have seemed to have forgotten about is those loyal audiences and attendees that keep coming back each year and it is destroying the festival scene.

Harvey Goldsmith also went on to say this about festivals:

“There’s too many of them and there are not enough big acts to headline them”

“That is a big, big problem in our industry. And we are not producing a new generation of these kind of acts – the likes of The Rolling Stones, Muse, even Arctic Monkeys – that can headline”

I completely agree with him. We aren’t. There are great acts but then there are headline acts and the industry is certainly lacking in them. I wouldn’t have put Mumford and Sons as headline quality, especially not for Reading Festival.

It is a tricky situation and a tactic from the festivals that seems to have gone pear-shaped.

The industry needs to pick up speed in developing and finding those acts that can ‘headline’.

It’s a waiting game and one I’m looking forward to experiencing…