Latest News Within The Music World

Just a quick blog post for music fans out there, to update you on the latest news within the music world!

1) Global Release Day: You might or might not have heard about the new global release day that has been arranged by music industry bodies around the world. This one set day, now being Friday, will play host to all new music releases. In previous years different countries around the world had different days. Some say this new set date is good for the industry to help combat piracy but some are a little hesitant to understand the positive reasoning behind the change. As it is now on a  Friday there is a worry that supermarkets, music stores and other retailers will now have issues if a stock problem occurs as it will be harder to alter this on a Saturday. Also, it also means many music industry people will have to work on a weekend. Weekends are for relaxing aren’t they? We will see how this pans out when the first global release day hits us on Friday the 10th July.

2) AC/DC enter the world of streaming: It has been a long time coming, but finally AC/DC are gracing us with their entire album collection (16 to be precise) via streaming sites Spotify, Deezer and Rdio. Great news for AC/DC fans!

3) Apple Music was launched: It was launched and it has had mixed reviews, mainly facing the hassle you have to go through to download Apple Music in the first place, but if you want to read the full details on how the launch has been and what my verdict was head over and click here.

4) Uptown Funk is best-selling song of 2015 so far: It has been announced today via Music Week (click here) that Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ no.1 hit ‘Uptown Funk’ is the best-selling song of 2015 so far!! For a track that Mark Ronson recently stated on ITV this morning was a little jam with Bruno Mars, it has done pretty well for itself. Well done to Columbia Records and to the press team within. Gaining publicity for this song and the artists within it would have played a major role. (See them play at Glastonbury here).

5) Lionel Richie’s ‘Best of’ sales soar: If you missed Lionel Richie’s performance at Glastonbury you can click here to view him perform ‘Dancing on the ceiling’. For Lionel, it was a return to the big screen, the big stage and the big crowd for a well reviewed and received performance. Now, considering his age he wasn’t exactly dancing on the ceiling per say, but he did a great job! So much enthusiasm and so much interest and passion in what he was doing. You could easily tell he loved being there and well it paid off, literally. His album sales have risen by 2693% and music week are predicting a no.1 for him!

Richie could earn his first No.1 album in 23 years – previously hitting the top with 1983’s Can’t Slow Down and 1992’s Back To Front.

That is crazy but also quite amazing to see what one performance at an iconic festival can do for someones career!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed catching up on the latest music related news within this blog post. I’ll try to keep this going every week or so!