Roses are Red…

With Valentines Day just one day away, it is crazy to see how much of a mad panic people are in today!! Just popping into my local Card Factory (For a friend, I wasn’t the unprepared one) the massive queue and low-level of valentines day stock, that had been scooped up by the mass of shoppers, was mental! Has it really become that Americanized that it is shameful to miss out on this ‘tradition’?

Now I’m not going to sit here and say I haven’t planned something for tomorrow, but it is also myself and my partners anniversary as well; if it wasn’t on the same day I don’t think we would have even done anything. Possibly just a card and a home cooked meal? It seems to be at the point now where bigger is better, the bigger the bunch of flowers the more he loves you, the more money he spends, the more he cares about you… What happened to the small kind gestures? Even on Lorraine this morning, they stated that the average amount that is spent on partners for Valentines day is around £85. Seriously?!?!

It might just be me, but I’m certainly not the type who can even afford to spend that amount, let alone want to. Just let the small gestures do the talking…

That is certainly what Asda has done today for many commuters during their busy day and I think it’s an incredibly good way to get connected with your customers and make them feel important without directly implying their want for you to shop at Asda.


The company released a #dontbedave campaign, after they sourced out information stating that males named Dave are likely to forget buying flowers for their valentines. It’s a very clever and innovative idea and in doing so, Asda decided to hand out fresh red roses to individuals to make them feel important. Personally if I was handed a red rose from the company, not only would I be shocked, but it just goes to show that the company aren’t just thinking about their profits, they are thinking about their customers. The linkage between the campaign and the store, will obviously hopefully lead to loyal customers returning to the supermarket; but why wouldn’t they want to? Asda shows they care!


So hats off to the national wide supermarket for playing their cards right and showing that Valentines day doesn’t have to be over the top. A simple Rose can make a big difference…


2 thoughts on “Roses are Red…

  1. Dawn Hiley says:

    Yes valintines has become too commercialised. It used to be a way for single people to attract peach other and for marrieds to show their love for each other with a small token. For the women a red rose or small box of chocolates or doing the washing up and for the men we’d bake a cake or cook them a special meal. It was just a small gesture of love not an over the top expensive gift that people can’t really afford. It has only been 7 weeks since everyone spent a fortune on Christmas presents!! Do we really need more gifts. Go on be different do something nice instead. A cup of tea and breakfast in bed simple but thoughtful, you can always make heart shaped toast.

    • paigehileypr says:

      I totally agree!!! I would love breakfast in bed and a red rose to wake up to in the morning. Something small to know that he is thinking of me. Not an over the top gesture and exactly it has only just been christmas! So much money is spent when it really doesn’t need to be.

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