Gender equality: Is this really still an issue?

Another post I wrote for my group Ethics blog – This post focuses on gender equality within Football. Let me know your opinions, it’s a challenging subject that appears in the news often; it’s time to make a change.

Ethics Issues PSSM

We’ve come a long way as a nation regarding gender equality from the moment women were given the right to work, right to vote and men were recently given the right to longer paternity leave and gay marriage has also been legalised. Some might say it took us long enough to get to these stages but it still happened and it’s a something we should pride our-self in for realising the wrongs of gender equality and making it right.

However, as much as this has been an overall break through for the United Kingdom, there are still some people who’s minds, I don’t think, will ever change. They’re stuck in the past where women stayed at home and men acted as the bread winner. Unfortunately for them, getting away with it, isn’t an option. Especially if you’re a public figure.

The issue rose in May 2014 when the vice-president, John…

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