Alcohol related deaths: Who’s to blame?

Who’s to blame when you think about the consequences of alcoholic related deaths? Is it just the person who is drinking? Think deeper within this ethical issue! Again, this is another post I helped contribute towards for my ethics group blog.

Ethics Issues PSSM


Who’s to blame? We all have our own perception on the effects of Alcohol and whether it’s the person consuming it or something deeper that is to blame. Obviously for most people the first instinct is to blame the person who’s physically chosen to drink that drink but is there a deeper meaning to young people drinking too much alcohol?


Being a young person myself, I see the influence of the media creating a big impact on the young generation of today. Many times my mother had said how ‘back in the day’ without TV’s and social media, there was a lot less alcohol related issues with younger people; there was no one to influence them in a mass amount. Nowadays there are so many influences from those forms of communications as well as our ‘idol influences’ that I don’t think you can put the whole blame onto the person…

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