‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ The 3rd years hold a Crisis Simulation day!

On the 14th January, I took part in a Crisis Simulation as an acting member of a mock PR team. The simulation was completely fictional, and organised by one of my PR lecturers, in order for us to learn what it takes to solve a crisis. It was pretty intense I must say. It was fun to try and deal with all aspects and stakeholders. It is certainly something I think I have the skill to be a part of and hope I can put what I learnt into practice one day. To my surprise, myself and the rest of the team I was a part of, WON the simulation! You can read an article written about the day on the Solent PR blog site.


On Wednesday 14th January, the Solent PR 3rd years held a Crisis Simulation day in attempt to see how they would deal with a real crisis, if they were the PR practitioners in charge of dealing with it. There were 4 PR teams, a team acting as students and another team acting as Journalists, as well as other key players such as someone acting as a Medical expert. The MA PR students were also happy to get involved with the day!

The scenario was entirely fictional and involved a student, Genevive, from a made up University fainting with the possibility of having Ebola, as she had recently volunteered in Guinea. Each PR team was in separate rooms for the day so they couldn’t see what PR strategies the other teams were coming up with to deal with the situation.


Myself and my course mate are 2nd years, and were asked…

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