Apple’s Broken Promises…

Again, i’m sharing with you today a blog post I wrote on my ethics group blog site in regards to yesterdays BBC Panorama documentary ‘Apple’s Broken Promises’. If you didn’t watch it you can use iPlayer to catch up with it and there is a link within the blog post.
Has this documentary scared the consumer into thinking more ethically? Or will they all continue to run back to Apple for the latest iPhone and Mac?
I’m not going to lie, I have many Apple products and have been a loyal customer for years. However I do believe that it’s the consumers who need to fight back. Myself personally I won’t be reaching for the latest apple product in the future if I can help it, at least not until they’ve made a change to their CSR. It’s an important issue, the well being of the staff who supply the products and the employees who risk their lives to source Tin used to make the products. Something has to change….
Read my blog post and let me know what you think needs to be done in the comments section below.

Ethics Issues PSSM

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 23.06.49

On the 19th of December a BBC 1 documentary by Panorama aired on TV to show the unethical processes Apple, the big brand we all know and love, allow their employees to go through. The first ever secret camera images were published to the public live on television. Showing scenes of small employee dorms that hold 12 people, exhausted staff falling asleep at their desks and in their breaks, as well as forced unethical working conditions. It’s been reported that the organisation is breaking their brand promises directed at loyal employees as well as their supply chains.

A brand everyone has heard of, you probably own a lot of their products…. iPads? iPods? iPhones? Mac? These products we take for guaranteed everyday and purchase this time of year for family members and partners, would you still use a product from an organisation that treats their staff so poorly? Do you…

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