NHS: Who Should Pay?

Alongside my personal blog site, I also contribute towards a group ethics blog that was created for one of my third year university assignments. The idea behind it, is to explore deep down into ethical issues that surround us daily. The reasoning behind it? To see how much engagement we receive and which blog posts attract people to read them.
One of the blog post I wrote recently for the site was about the NHS. We had all contributed to one previously about whether it should be privatised or scraped but an interesting issue was raised by Behind the Spin’s Richard Bailey on the true intentions of the NHS. So I decided to personally look into the issue further. Have a look at the blog post and comment your thoughts on the issue. Do you think we should continue to pay for the NHS when people abuse the system?
This post was also chosen as this weeks best group blog post by Behind the Spin (12th December)…. http://www.behindthespin.com/news/the-weeks-best-to-12-december

Ethics Issues PSSM

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 13.53.01

(Image from: England.NHS.UK, 2014)

We recently posted a blog post about the National health system and whether it should be privatised and free healthcare scraped for good; after the video of UKIP leader Nigel Farage stating it should be. However, after thinking about the process of scraping the health care and what it’s achieved for many, there is further depth of the ethical issue that needs to be investigated.

After Richard Bailey, from Behind the Spin, noted the fact the Health care system was put in place to ultimately create a healthier population, we can see from the news pieces and from our own experiences with the NHS that this hasn’t been achieved. Is this because the service is being abused by many who have conditions that could’ve been prevented by having a healthier lifestyle? Does this mean the communications publicised by the NHS need more funding rather than the…

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