Black Friday: Sale shopping to the extreme…


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Now, don’t get me wrong, Black Friday is probably a great advantage to many who want to treat their loved ones over christmas without having to spend the massive price tag that comes along with it. However, have you ever thought about the horrendous consequences that come along with this American born tradition?

A staggering 90 people have been injured during the Black Friday Day from 2009 until now… and what’s even worse is that 7 people have actually died from the event. The last two recorded deaths were from people sleeping at the wheel after purchasing their goodies in the early hours of the morning. Now, looking at that, don’t you think something should be done to stop this shopping madness? It’s all a bit over the top for me and i’m not one to judge those who go out and grab themselves some bargains but come on, people are dying from this Black Friday event. It has to stop.

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So what’s the resolution? Ban the event altogether? Nah, that just wouldn’t work, in an extreme measure their could be protests about the exile of the Black Friday shopping event. So, maybe limit the event to online only? The issues only seem to arise when people are queuing from midnight onwards for stores like Asda to open their sliding doors and people launch at the discounted TV’s and merchandise.


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But, are we really getting a bargain? I’ve also been trying to benefit from the companies that offer me discounts galore. Yet, when i look closely at the offers and see what the price was the day before, the likelihood you’re actually saving a significant amount is actually very slim. Most of the large discounted items are limited stock and sell out quickly and unless you’re one of those people who sits up all night with three computers and two phones on the go trying to buy that item, you might just be purchasing something that in a few weeks time will be reduced again.

So think about the consequences, at least think about the safety of yourself and others. If you haven’t seen the video already you can see the Asda ambush in Wembley here….

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As Black Friday ends tonight, what will be the consequences of our own born shopping saving day, Cyber Monday? Will we see similar statistics of injuries and deaths just for some meaningless products that don’t replace the lives of the those that have lost theirs? We need to all think about the ethics behind this drastic day… people’s lives shouldn’t be at risk from shoppers nor should they feel they have to hide away from the stores because of the dangers that may lurk.

Just think about it…


2 thoughts on “Black Friday: Sale shopping to the extreme…

  1. Dawn Hiley says:

    The store I work in was very organised for Black Friday and Saturday. The customers were very civilised and followed in the queing system set up in two separate lines for the different products set in two areas. No – one was injured and all those that queued got what they wanted. There was even stock left so that the staff working could get to buy something. The extra hours staff put in to set this event up and then all day dealing with customers queries on ‘is there anything left’ is very tiering. While people expect these bargains think of the staff. Yes they may be bargains but is the risk to a persons life worth the few pounds saved. We have all this to deal with again in the January sales, is it too much greed and do we really need to fight for a bargain. There are plenty of bargains to be had without the violence.

  2. Steve says:

    What ever happened to ‘heath and safety’!? We say it has gone so fare the wrong side of taking the danger and risk out of everything, that a lot of thing people in the community what to put on, they can’t because either the council won’t let you on health and safety ground or you can’t get reasonable insurance because of health and safely fears!!! Yet both the council and the insurance companies allow big companies to run this type of promotion where people are seriously under threat of injury or, as you see from the article above, dead!!

    To me this is not only idiotic, but it must boarder on being criminally negligent on the part of the stores, along with the institutes that regulate them. Now you may say ‘it’s the people choose, they don’t have to go to these thing’, and you would be right, they don’t. But, as with all events put on for the public, the organisers have a duty of care to those people they are enticing in to the event. And it is an event, even if it is ‘free’. Now the Asda store in Weston took their responsibilities very seriously and organised the event so people should be hurt and those who otherwise might have been ‘pushed out of the way’ got the chance to get a ‘bargain’. Now this may have been something to do with the havoc that happened last you, but at least they can say they learnt from it and made it safer and fairer this year.

    I just hope, if this type of thing continues, that it does not take a death or serious injury in this country for the other stores and big companies to take their duty of care seriously, not just to their customers, but also to their staff, and put some proper organisation and thought behind this type of event!

    If they don’t, then I hope those people in the council, who just love to put the spoilers on the little guy by quoting ‘Health and Safety’, get of their backsides and take a look at something that really does need to be looked at. SHOPPING SHOULD NOT BE DANGERUS, especially at your local supermarket!

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