A Thank You Can Change Someones Day…

So if you haven’t heard already, or if you haven’t seen the YouTube clip that is taking over the site by storm with over 17 million views to date; then you must find out.

An American run bank called ‘TD Bank’ have been giving their valued customers a little treat, or should I say big treat, to say thank you. It’s not every day that you see an organisation as large as a bank giving something back to the people who provide their wages and profits. So it’s amazing to know that this bank has been doing this to customers who need or deserve it most. If you don’t know what i’m on about then just have a look here….

Not ashamed to say, it brought a little tear to my eye… How Sweet?!

Did you ever think this could happen to you? Or yet, did you ever think a bank would be so kind, after the masses of negative press banks receive in general over the years?

It still amazes me that they did this but to be honest, it isn’t all just because of the kindness of their heart although that would be an aspect, it’s to gain more customers and by golly they’ve done it well!

Why else would they spend thousands of pounds on customers? Because they want to make sure they stick with the bank. They’ve also been very cunning with distributing the video of the kind act, because now tones of customers hoping this will happen to them as well will make their way to TD Bank doors and look into opening an account with them.

I want to open a bank account with them if they’re going to send me to Disney Land!!

So their PR people are probably rolling around in dollar bills right now with the amount of new custom they’ve drawn in through this campaign for a ‘Thank You can change someones day’. Good Work TD, not only have you increased your own benefit with customers joining your corporation but you’ve also done something no other bank would want to… helped people.


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