My Childhood: Brought to you by Adoption

I recently wrote a piece about China’s One Child Policy and whether the policy was thought with ‘ethics’ in mind. Through the wonder of Twitter I came across this article and it opened my eyes up even more.

Laughter, Love & God

World Adoption Day was Nov. 9.

I know I’m late, but I’d like to share a bit of my adoption story.

Whenever I tell people I’m adopted, they ask me what my childhood was like. Let me tell you.

I grew up in a home with loving parents and annoying, yet entertaining, brothers.

Dad is a technology nerd. Mom is an ESL elementary teacher. They were both born and raised in Texas.

Braden, three years older than me, is a rough-and-tumble former jock. Half of my childhood involved him beating me up and getting tricked into doing him favors.

Nathan, three years younger than me, is a free-spirited closet genius. The other half of my childhood involved beating him up and tricking him into doing me favors.

The Schramm fam minus Nathan. He was still on his way. The Schramm fam minus Nathan. He was still on his way.

Growing up,…

Dad and I read through the Wizard of Oz books. We had an old victrola we…

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