Abortion: In What Circumstances Is It Right To Kill?

I constructed this blog post on my group Ethics Blog, discussing the subject of China’s One Child Policy. It was an eye opener, with the amount of abortions standing at 336 million since the 1970’s… but was the policy thought through with the intentions of ‘ethics’ and ‘morals’? Take a read and make a comment… let me know what you think about this ethical issue!

Ethics Issues PSSM

For the next few weeks we’re going to be sharing case study topics with you and underpinning the ethical issues that surround them. We need YOU! So, please get involved and express your personal opinions below.


During a University seminar, myself along with three other members of my team, created a facilitated discussion around the debate topic ‘Killing me softly – are there any circumstances where it is right to kill someone?’.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions. This is what many people did after hearing the term ‘kill someone’. It is a shocking phrase and you immediately associate it with murder, but there are other forms of ‘killing’ that you might not have thought of, but yes, they still come under the category of killing someone. For myself, I’m acting as the Angel, my opinions aren’t just associated with one category, so you could say I’m the voice of…

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