Customer Engagement: 21st Century Changes in Sales

Previously and to be honest it still happens a lot today through most advertising, but adverts used to deliver a key message; Buy Our Product! The one focus for that advert? To Sell! Yet for a lot of companies and brands nowadays, the ‘brainwashing’ style adverts just aren’t enough. Of course they’re still trying to sell their product, because why else would they advertise? It’s just become more challenging to persuade people to buy into products nowadays. Obviously if you’re going to offer freebie’s along with the purchase, you’re more likely to boost sales but that’s not the best way to get loyalty with the brand because you’re not going to be able to afford to give stuff away for free all of the time.

So how are brands evolving their adverts to encourage more customer engagement and brand loyalty? They’re connecting with their audience. Making that physical and mental connection with their target audience stakeholder group by using real life issues and scenarios that effect them in everyday life. This is a great way to go. You’re connecting with your audience on a personal level, letting them know you understand, almost acting like a mass communication ‘friend’.

Always, the feminine product brand have recently acted upon this new strategy to engage with their customers, by talking about the caption ‘Like a Girl’. It’s easy for people to say ‘You run like a girl’, but what they don’t know is that it acts like an insult. However Always are trying to prove to us all that being ‘like a girl’ doesn’t matter because at the end of the day you are girls. I think it’s a great campaign to draw in their target audience and it’s not just using the typical ‘selling’ strategy. It connects with their followers and shows them that Always cares. Well Done Always on what I think is a great campaign!

Watch the video below to see what I mean:


4 thoughts on “Customer Engagement: 21st Century Changes in Sales

  1. liviwilkes says:

    Reblogged this on Solent PR and commented:
    Solent 3rd year student, Paige Hiley, wrote this great post on Customer Engagement in the 21st Century and it was chosen by Richard Bailey as one of the #bestPRblogs of the week.

    Well done, Paige!

  2. catherinesweet says:

    Interesting point- issues led advertising. It’s also called “native advertising”- but what are the ethics of “using” an important issue to sell products? Is this a utilitarian approach? Because it works to raise awareness of Always products, its “ok” to use the issue?

    • paigehileypr says:

      You make a good point Catherine and I think if everyone was to sit down and really think about it, you could agree and say it’s not the best approach to go with as an issue. However, the advertising bit aside i think it’s raised awareness on the issue in a positive way.

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