PR Girl is off to the city…

So, just a quick update on myself. It’s not long now until I’m venturing off to London for a month to work alongside two amazing teams of employees for two major companies. For myself, i’ll be taking the intern role onboard and providing my own knowledge and skills towards their own, hoping to achieve a lot during my time there.

I’ve always like the hustle and bustle of a busy job role, even with my part-time job, I much prefer a busy day than a slow one. The time goes quicker and your brain works harder, it also helps to make it a bit more interesting; well as interesting as a part-time retail job can be. With these aspects put together, this is why I came to the decision to study Public Relations. The range of tasks, and brands/companies you can work for is very vast and has my name written all over it.

How did I get to narrowing down PR to Entertainment PR? My love for Films, Music, Gigs, Festivals and events; this helped a lot. I’ve always thought ‘There is no point working for a job you don’t love’, with this being said, why not work in an industry that has your favourite things in? A better, happier employee is one who loves there job. I know i’m going to love my internships, purely for this reason.

Being able to work at the offices of a Major record label and a renowned Publicity agency, is a dream. For months I spent so much time sending out CV’s and personalised cover letters hoping to receive opportunities for the summer. Yet, for the two I actually received places with, I got them by chance. For the major record label, I was actually looking at my favourite bands Facebook page, where I came across an employee of the record label’s e-mail. I e-mailed my CV with minimal hope that I’d actually get offered anything because it was such a big company, yet I was. Wahoo!

For the second company, I came across the e-mail and brand through an article I was reading on the company on a PR blog site. Again, not thinking I’d have a chance, I sent off my CV and what do you know? I received an offer. Both of which i’m eternally grateful for. This is my chance to gain real working PR experience and I’m so excited and ready to put what i’ve learn’t at University to use, and ready to learn new skills as well.

So, wish me luck everyone, as this country born PR girl is off to the city for a big adventure!!

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

– P –


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