‘Sorry for all the holiday spam’

It’s a challenging thing to create an advert that sucks in a potential customer into making a purchase with that brand, but it’s becoming ever more clear nowadays that the creative minds behind television adverts are thinking even more outside the box.

I’m specifically talking about the latest advert from mobile company ‘3’. When I first saw the advert as an announcement style presentation advert, it surprised me. I was instantly sucked in, I assumed ‘3’ had done something wrong as a company as they start the advert off by apologising to the masses. This could be a big risk for ‘3’ as it doesn’t pose an instant good message for the brand. However, even though it might drag you in for the wrong reason, it still drags you in and the further along the advert you get, the more you understand the purpose of the advert.

A lot of holiday pictures and online spoof images like the ‘Hot dog legs’ have been plastering social media sites for weeks and the result being ‘3’s new innovative advert where they address the matter of the ‘holiday spam’, which of course is actually doing their brand a hell of a lot of good.

Another thing about the advert, that makes it such a great PR stunt, is the fact it’s so different to most brand’s advertising. A lot of customers are never graced with company apologises but to see what looks like a public apology on television from such a big brand as ‘3’, makes this advert so unusual and unique.

It also helps to advertise the main point across to new potential customers about why they’re getting ‘spammed’ by ‘3’s original customers, this being because their customers can use their phones anywhere abroad with no extra cost. Hence the massive amount of #holidayspam.

Overall this advert has completely caught my eye and most likely thousands of others, its made me want to switch phone companies, so imagine the amount of people who think the same. With the complete rise in social media and wanting to keep in contact with family and friends at home whilst abroad; having free access is a complete bonus. In this case, both the company and the customer win. It’s a win win situation, the perfect one for an ever growing company by tapping into the mindset of their customer through their latest advert.

Watch the advert on television now or visit ‘3’s website to see what all the fuss is about:



One thought on “‘Sorry for all the holiday spam’

  1. Richard Bailey says:

    It’s interesting. PR used to be deployed in support of advertising campaigns. Now adverts are designed with PR in mind.

    It’s confusing too. ‘Content marketing’, ‘branded content’ and ‘native advertising are hybrids that involve public relations insights and approaches.

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