Solent PR Student of the Month: Paige Hiley

Here’s a blog post from the Solent PR site about myself and why I chose to go down the PR route…


This month, I spoke to 2nd year student, Paige Hiley, about her life as a PR student at Southampton Solent!

Paige Hiley, 2nd Year Solent PR Student Paige Hiley, 2nd Year Solent PR Student

When did you first decide you wanted to study PR?

I discovered PR by mistake really, I’d never really thought about PR as a subject or course but whilst I was at Falmouth University open day for their Events Management course, I discovered PR and that it was a better subject for me as it meant I could drift off into different sectors after I graduate, whereas if I studied Events Management I’d be restricted to just this career. I  heard about Solent university through a friend and ended up applying to their PR degree course.

Why did the Solent PR course stand out to you?

Solent PR stood out more to me that Falmouth Uni’s PR course purely because I was sat…

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