Great customer service is crucial…

Sometimes I’m a little hypocritical when it comes to customer service, it might be because I work in retail as a customer services staff member and regularly deal with customer complaints; yet after staying at a local Double tree by Hilton hotel, my mind was shortly changed. I used to be the type who thought you get what you’re given. Myself as a customer wouldn’t dare ask for anything other than the standard, I don’t like to push my luck. I still don’t, and I still won’t ask for more than I’ve paid for. But, what if it’s unexpected? Does it make it a whole lot better?

In all honesty, there is no need to ask either, those little surprises that make your experience just a little bit better; it should just come naturally to that company.


Take Disney land for instance, a little contradicting when it’s the land where dreams come true, however they’re more than just successful they’re a worldwide brand who very rarely get complaints that make the headlines. You know why? Because they go that extra mile to make everyone’s experience just that little bit better. I’m not saying run around and give your customers money, just that little something that makes them want to come back. It has to be done.


For example, the Hilton Hotel I stayed at, yes baring in mind we were booked through their Hilton Honours system, which is free to sign up to by the way, even so, the welcome as we arrived was super friendly, the free welcome cookie we were given as well was a nice little shock of a surprise. We also had a knock on our door a little later on with a complimentary bottle of wine. Free breakfast as well!! Those little things, the unexpected things, even the hotel receptionist who was really friendly every time we walked past; it’s those things that make the customer want to come back. They have sure sold it to me right now; I wanted to move in!


I guess it comes a time when you realise there are companies out their who know how to treat their loyal customers and the Hilton brand is one of them. If you leave this post feeling anything, it’s not that you should go book a room at the Hilton near you, well, you can if you want to. However, leave this post with the knowledge that if you are someone who wants to start a company or even who works for a company and you’re dealing with customers, just go that extra mile and I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better knowing you’ve made that person happier than they were when they first walked in. You’ve also just gained yourself a recurring customer who will contribute towards your profits at the end of the year. Just have a think about it…


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