The Future of PR and Engagement…

So as a student myself, I’m regularly surrounded by PR practitioners from many different backgrounds and companies; having this involvement has pushed so many different views about PR and it’s future towards me. It’s not everyday you get to experience the world of PR change first hand, but for myself, I see it changing every second. Just by reading fellow blog posts and seeing the latest campaign ideas that companies come up with, it’ overwhelming, and to be honest I don’t think I could even predict the future of PR.

To start with, engagement, it’s a tricky thing to grasp and can come in many forms. However I have found out how difficult it actually is during the E-Book in a day task today. Trying to contact people in the PR world on a daily basis has definitely changed. It used to be so formal and it was unheard of to tweet a client or employer; yet today it seems like the norm. You could easily contact someone directly via Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram with a simple ‘@’ name or #hashtag. Before joining university and seeing the evolution of engagement, I always assumed it would be classed as ‘unprofessional’ to contact a client or employer in any other way than by a formal e-mail or a common phone call. You can easily see it’s changed.

Although it might be easier to contact someone via social networking sites it might not the easiest form of communication. Just today whilst trying to get hold of PR students, the instant connection is there, but the reply isn’t so great; unless you have someone who is willing to take part. The problem with social media connections is that they don’t have to reply. With a common phone call you get that instant response, whether it’s good or bad, you know you don’t have to be sat around waiting for that response. My team are powering on though and trying every form of engagement we can think of to connect with fellow PR students.

The future of PR then, well, it’s very unpredictable. For myself I see technology being an even better aspect for PR; soon enough face to face interaction will become obsolete. Google hangouts, Skype sessions and just social networking interaction will be the norm and for me I think that could destroy the genuine thoughts and personal connections clients and employers have. That could be a waste of a great aspect for PR, PR practitioners need that face to face interaction at some point to understand the tone of their client. Interpreting the persons tone on E-mails, Tweets and Facebook messages can be difficult. However, it’s something I think we will just have to adapt to. You never know we might all develop a new tone of voice altogether to adapt to the social media world. Who knows? But that’s the world of PR for you.



3 thoughts on “The Future of PR and Engagement…

  1. Dawn Hiley says:

    Being of the older generation, I was taught it was more polite and professional to phone or write. I also think you get more out of face to face contact. The future of the world is changing because of technology, for the better in most things like getting messages and promotion out to the masses quickly but how do you really know what the people are like unless you have personnel contact.. I watch the resulting change with interested old eyes.

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