E-Book in a day challenge – SSU

Just a quick post to let you all know that tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. Some of you might be thinking, how do you define long? Is 10am until 9pm at university what you’d call a long day? For me it sure is! Either way, the reason I’m spending the majority of my day at Southampton Solent University tomorrow is because I’m part of the team who are tackling the challenge of creating an E-Book in just a day. That’s right. One day. Crazy I know… but it’s such a great opportunity for me and something that shows my concise deadline skills on my CV. Also my name will be written in the book as a contributor… imagine that, I’m going to have my own book! Well, sort of. Still, I’m very excited to show off my skills to the Master students and CIPR members who are attending the event.
I’m part of the Curation team who are “The blogroll of champions- we challenge PR student bloggers all over the country to write a new post on the day on the same subject, and one is picked as champion. We curate a blog site about blogs” that’s basically the idea of it that our tutor has given to us but I’m sure there will be some unexpected moments tomorrow.

There is also going to be a big networking event at the end of the day, where members of the CIPR Wessex team and PR professionals are coming to Southampton Solent University to discuss their careers with student’s like myself. This is such a great opportunity for students to gain contacts, so I’m sure to have my business cards at the ready 😉


I’ll keep you all posted about my day tomorrow and what happens… so stay tuned and wish me luck!



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