Miley Cyrus all washed up for Marc Jacobs

Amazing creative writing skills!!

Released recently in Nylon magazine, and now seen on the pages of glossy magazines and on computer screens all over the world, Miley Cyrus is the latest star of Marc Jacobs’ newest ad campaign. I was still trying to learn the hoe-down-throw-down when Miley had her makeover moment but was shocked into sobriety from my Hannah Montana daze when twerkgate hit the headlines. It’s safe to say MC has changed a LOT, but who cares? She looks great. And her cheekbones in this latest shoot for Jacobs, in which she looks sultry and subdued, washed up on a beach with a couple of other skinny companions, cannot be argued with.

Miley is clearly a big Marc Jacobs fan, wearing his designs to the Met Ball and on the UK Xfactor, as well as being a part of his ‘protect the skin you’re in,’ campaign, where she posed nude (what a…

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