Being a PR student in the city of Southampton…

The city of Southampton, it’s such a unique place. It’s not like any other city i’ve been too, this one’s quite small yet so diverse. The people you see wondering the streets as so different in character and ethnicity; you can see why it’s a great cultural area.

For myself, i’ve been living here for around a year and a half now, studying as a Public Relations and Communications student. Not going to lie, the cold brittle house I stay in, isn’t the best but it’s student life I guess.

However amongst the wheelie bins and traffic wardens that roam the streets of Southampton, I still find time to walk around the city and appreciate the location I’m studying in.
There is so much to offer here. For a country girl like myself, coming from a little village in Somerset, moving to Southampton was a complete eye opener.
It made me wonder… Is this where I want to work in the future? A city?

I always thought i’d stick to my country girl roots. Trust me, it’s noticeable. I have had plenty of my classmates comment on my farmer-like accent. However I weirdly like the busyness of the city. The morning wake up call that is the hurling traffic that drives past my window, the evening lights that blare from the office windows. It’s surreal.

If i were to look back on my decision to study in Southampton, there is no doubt about it, it’s a great city to study in. The opportunities that arise from the local businesses is incredible.
Over my year and a half studying I’ve had experiences with Remarkable group, Johnny Hopkins who worked with bands such as Oasis, Mike Maynard was a lecturer of mine from Napier and also CooperVision contact lenses brand. All of my lecturers have all got real PR industry experience. It’s great to know the people who are teaching you your skills, have been through our ‘hopeful’ jobs before.

So to all you students out there who are trying to make it into the world of PR, try Southampton Solent University.
I wish I could say they are paying me to publicise them, but they’re not. I’m doing this because I really do believe it was the best decision I ever made.


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