Experience is Everything…

To put it bluntly, experience is everything within the PR industry. After talking to industry workers at the first ‘Public Relations show 2013’ on Tuesday 26th November, the majority of them don’t even have a PR degree. Sort of makes me wonder whether degrees are really necessary these days? However, drifting from that point. Experience. There is nothing more important than getting experience within the field you want to go into. So for me, having the experience to undertake a mock ‘Client Meeting’ the other day at University, gave me great confidence to conduct these in future years.

For one of our assignments in year 2, we have to pitch to a client with strategies and tactics to develop awareness for their brand. Our mock client meeting helped us to pitch our ideas and outline the strategy for the company.

Overall a great experience and something I’d encourage every student to do before you go out into the real world of PR.

Below is a picture from the event, as our group was recorded and photographed for the event.



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