Bastille: The Rising Battle – Southampton Mo’club

After all the auto-tuning, updating and fixing, every record label undertake when processing an album, It’s normally noticed by many people how ‘fixed’ the record is. For recent rising band ‘Bastille’ I can honestly say this isn’t true. If anything, the album doesn’t give them enough credit for the amount of talent they have.

Dan Smith, lead front man for the band, used ‘Bastille’ as a secret undercover name to be able to put his music out on the internet without people knowing it was specifically him or a band.

“A big part of it was me not wanting to have to front something – which is kind of what it’s ended up being.”

However it looks like he hasn’t been able to keep his identity a secret for long. After playing over 30 festivals last summer; playing a sold out 3 day ‘Triangle’ tour and with the release of their EP Pompeii last month and their debut album only a few days ago on March 4th; the success of the band has reached levels they didn’t believe would happen.

NME:- Bastille: ‘Chart success feels like a joke’

Currently touring with their debut album ‘Bad Blood’ the four piece band played to a sold out crowd at Southampton’s Mo’club last night (7th March 2013). The big fan I am, I jumped at the chance to go see them and have been waiting ever since I purchased the tickets last year. Oh my god – It was worth the wait. The atmosphere surrounding the club was astonishing; as it was a small venue the sound surrounded every inch and exploded into the faces of the many awaiting fans. Personally I prefer gigs in small venues, it feels more personal and it makes it more of an incredible moment when your that close to your favourite band.

Song after song – the excitement amongst the crowd rose and didn’t show any sign of stopping.  It is pretty unbelievable to see four men performing with so much enthusiasm, so much shock in their faces with the crowds screams and full on singing of the words to every song. There were plenty of smiles being thrown back and fourth between every band member. The interaction with the crowd made it all very realistic and as if you were part of the band itself.

They played every track from the debut album as well as their hit singles, Bad Blood and Flaws. It was nice to see the majority of the crowd to know the words to their album songs which have only been released recently; you could see the dedication within the fans.

There was beyond a large amount of passion with last nights performance, that of which I have never seen before in any of band I have seen, who have only just released an album. It was pretty apparent that they are just surprised as I am that they have shot straight to ‘fame’ even before the album was released. However, you could also see the nerves slip through at the start. This was easily changed when they got into the performance. By the reaction of their crowd there was no way it wasn’t going to help the band perform to their best. There’s nothing better than playing to a sold out venue who genuinely want to be there.

NME:- ‘The ‘Bad Blood’ band are battling Stereophonics for top spot’

You have to give it to them they have worked very hard to get where they are; even if Dan isn’t keen on fame, the amount of touring, supporting, festival gigs and promotion work they have done, you can see why most people have at least heard the name.

It is pretty obvious it hasn’t hit them yet that they are actually blasting through the UK charts with the album ‘Bad Blood’ as they seem so shocked at the amount of fans that were waiting outside the Mo’club venue last night when the show finished. Yes, I was one of those stalker-ish fans wearing my original bastille triangle tour tee and queuing for ages just to get a photo and a little chat.

The best thing about them is that they are just normal people, people who want to do something that they love and by george they are doing it! I was stood with a few friends of mine when we finally squeezed our way to Dan Smith. The shocked look on his face that I was presented with made me wonder what I had done. To my relief, he was just shocked I had one of the original Bastille t-shirts on. A few snaps and a chit chat, we then met the rest of the band who were being less harassed by the screaming fans.

In all honesty, they are lovely genuine guys, who love what they do, they’re my favourite band and I feel plenty of success heading their way. By the performance last night they for sure know how to put on a show.

Keep your eyes peeled for this growing band – they are going to go far. There is no doubt about it.



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