Alcohol and its effect – Why does it have to be used as a negative thing?

As a student one word that is normally associated with us is alcohol, but it’s not always in a good way. Why did the associations of alcohol have to change? There was a day when having a glass of wine with a meal seemed normal, yet now, if you have one you’re considered an alcoholic.

For students, nightlife is something that is seen as fundamental. But, and forgive me for saying this, why the hell does it have to be? A student myself, I’m someone who likes the rare night out, when I say rare it’s probably once a week or once every two weeks. However when the two words ‘University’ and ‘degree’ come into play, it stops me from going out every night and going to Lectures with a hangover.

People are moaning about the rise in cost for University fees yet they waste a lot of their money-getting drunk and not even learning anything in their lectures; or even worse, not going. There comes a time and a place for reckless behaviour – and surely this isn’t when you have a weekly budget, are studying for a degree and even worse, are away from home. It seems as if the independence that is thrown upon students instantly, is taken in a way that shouldn’t be. I was petrified on my first night out in the city, with no reliance on your familiar friends and more importantly, family, I had a sudden attack of panic being in a  big city with no one to fall back on. Obviously over time I made a good friendship group, with those I can now rely on in time of need. Yet I would never walk around the city at night on my own.

So how can students moan about lack of money when the majority of them waste it all away on booze and nights out you never remember? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having some fun with your friends now and then. I just can’t help but get frustrated when people moan about financial issues, yet they went out the night before.

The main aim of this blog post is to make people realise, the occasional drink/binge night out is perfectly fine…. If you can afford it. There is no point wasting away money you don’t have. Drinking is a social thing, I get that, but seriously guys? Know your limit.

After returning home for a weekend, I did spend one of my nights out in my local town with my friends drinking. Baring in mind I spent £6 on one drink, let’s just say I was a sober student that night. However it doesn’t stop people targeting the drunk. An incident broke out between two middle-aged men and my 18-year-old guy friend; who, well, couldn’t stand up on his own. I had made it my responsibility as the sober one to make sure he went home safely however these men didn’t help the situation. Seeing him as an easy target they started to yell abuse, knowing he would, in his drunkenly state, act without knowing what he was doing. A fight broke out, the police arrived, and I got hit in the process; and all because they saw how vulnerable he was.

Surely hearing that story makes you more weary of your nights out? Imagine if I wasn’t there to defend him, or even worse, Imagine if the police didn’t arrive to stop the situation? It’s a scary thing Alcohol, it takes your sane mind and makes you do things you can’t control.

So all I ask is that, if your reading this post try to understand your limit. I have, and I enjoy my nights out a lot better now.


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