The Joke’s on YOU

Simon Neil? It’s a name most of you probably won’t recognise – but if you’re a rock enthusiast like myself, or if you have a best friend who doesn’t stop blabbering on about his man crush for him – then you will.

Lead vocalist for the Scottish Rock Band Biffy Clyro, Now you know who i’m on about ;), he recently said on Music Radar

“This is the first album where we did proper demos. Usually, I write songs and keep them in my brain”

The determination behind the bands intentions revealed themselves on the release date of their newest album ‘Opposites’. The biggest date for hard-core Biffy fans this year was the 28th January; the day fans had been waiting for, where they could hear the efforts of Simon Neil, James Johnston and brother Ben from their new double disc album.

The album includes many rock tracks which are specific to the bands usual sound. However it seems like the Scottish trio have changed things up a bit, there is a resemblance to the sound from their other albums; although it seems like they have tried to drift into a more low-key rock genre – there are plenty of softer riffs and lyrics – never the less still with the strong distinct accent.

It seems that Biffy Clyro’s efforts have pulled off with this album. After being announced as the second headliner for the well-known rock based festival Reading & Leeds the band set to present their new material live on the August bank holiday weekend, where the festival will take place.

After playing the festival seven times in the space of 9 years – you can see how the band have made sure their stamp is placed as often as possible at the renowned festival. Most bands are lucky enough to get a slot, let alone seven. Surely they have earned their headline slot finally? HELL YEAH

The band have shown considerable impact amongst the music industry from their first major album ‘Puzzles’ which made the band more noticeable amongst the music critics after years of miserable reviews. However the band powered through and produced their fourth album ‘Puzzles’ which set the band to do great things after they finally cracked the glass that was placed in front of the critics ‘love’ button.


NME reviewed the album in 2007 and said:

‘It’s not fashionable, it doesn’t have a haircut, it doesn’t strut about all cocksure in fancy matching military wear. No, ‘Puzzle’ is substance over style, as vivid and otherworldly as the Storm Thorgerson artwork that adorns the cover. Essential.’
– Read more at 

So the band finally proved worthy and brought out album after album of goodness. Until finally the organisers of Reading & Leeds deemed the threesome worthy enough to own the stage at this years festival. The show is being hyped to be the biggest thing for Biffy Clyro fans. This isn’t something that comes around often. And is not something to be missed.

So if you’re a festival goer like myself – get yourself a ticket – if you’re a student like myself as well and can’t afford it – make sure you keep the date free and watch the performance on television.

The joke’s on you if you miss it 😉


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