How hard is it to chase your dreams?

If you have been following my blog on a regular basis you will know that I’m a first year University Student studying Public Relations and Communications; and if you’re not, well… I just told you.

Being a University student the one thing that is drilled into our Brains from the very start is ‘Work Experience – Work Experience – Work Experience’ But how difficult is it to follow your dreams and find the experience you need to develop skills and so forth receive employment after graduation.

My answer = VERY HARD!


Companies nowadays don’t exactly employ anyone, whether it’s for an internship, temporary job or permanent job; even volunteering, you have to have a certain amount of experience first before you’re even considered.

The guardian reported on the 11th january 2012 – ‘Graduates without work experience stand little chance of securing a job this year despite a rise in vacancies, research suggests.’

My thinking is, surely if you’re asking for Work experience it’s likely your not going to have any already? Hence the point in the term – ‘Work experience’ ? Well this is where modern day self tuition and technology come in.

After trying to gain as much advice as possible from lecturers and guest speakers the majority of them say ‘Blogging is the next big thing – and the main way to display your work and get noticed’ Why do you think I have a blog 😉 So, there you have it, there’s going to be no chance in getting work experience, unless you have that added factor of enthusiasm and dedication – something that helps you stand out.

I plan on making myself stand out by using this blog to create interesting posts which show my writing skills. Also volunteering at a local venue to gather experience within the music industry so i can apply this to my CV.

It’s such a challenging part in your life, this age, making decisions that could affect the rest of your life and working career.

Myself? I’m a career nut. I want to be the best, and the best I will be.

I’m driven, passionate and dedicated to get to where I want to be.

To all those out there who are struggling with finding work experience – use this one piece of advice to help you…

Be one step ahead of the others.

Good Luck – and let me know how you get on! I’ll keep you posted on my experiences.


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