The Return of the Rocking Sea’s

Some say Rock music is dead; I say never. In some way, there’s almost an idea that you can explore into the deeper mindset of the musician by seeing them play live, and the passion they put towards their music. When you all thought true Rock had been wiped and replaced with X factor pop rock songs, Original rock started to hit back and it’s never been better. Reading and Leeds had there best line up yet in 2012 seeing artists like Foo Fighters, Paramore, Green Day, The Black Keys and Twin Atlantic gathering crowds to listen to them perform their classic tracks; bringing people from all over the country together as a group to listen to their idols. That’s what the meaning is behind music; it sets the real picture in place.

I don’t know about you, but I regularly zoneout of the real world when I listen to music; its a way of escapism; and if you’ve ever listened to Twin Atlantic before you will know their lyrics relate to the majority of us. After previously seeing them play as support to Blink 182 at the start of the year, they have come along way to be playing the NME stage at Reading Festival 2012. The energy the band had during their set was over powering and made you believe they were truly honoured to be playing a such a renowned festival and stage. Many live shows I have experienced have shown a ‘rehearsed’ type atmosphere; that’s the worst way to go. Performances need to have the element of realism and passion, that; in the moment atmosphere where you’re playing to music adrenaline junkie’s who have paid to see you specifically. And by far did Twin Atlantic have the strength to prove themselves honourable to be under the ‘Rock’ genre tonight.


The opening act’s set was no comparison to Twin Atlantic; Dead Sara from California made your heart jump out of your body from their heavy metal rock act. To then follow was a more country rock artist called Charlie Simpson; someone who is well known for his lead role in the hit teenage band ‘Busted’; who proved himself worthy of a title in the country rock genre tonight, but you knew all the crowd wanted was to see Twin Atlantic play as hard as they have ever played before; they sure did that. The crowd were a little shy to start, like all gigs you have to warm up to the music and judge what the crowd are going to be like. Me on the other hand, I was all for being at the front singing my heart out, connecting with strangers who you had that connection with through the music and jumping around until I couldn’t feel my feet. The crowd shortly picked up as soon as the Scottish boys picked up their instruments.

For that hour and a half, playing hits such as ‘Free’ ‘I wish I was drunk’ and ‘Make a beast of myself’ the crown escaped into a sense of disbelief; you could tell from the enthusiastic expressions on the bands faces that they were amazed by the obsessed reaction the crowd produced. Song after song; the tracks got more intense, the crowd got more energy and they were not giving up. After the first half of the set; they did the usual, off stage, wait for the chants, back on for an encore. However it goes to show this is a band that takes its fan’s seriously. Looking on at the side of the stage you could tell they needed a minute to take it all in, finally, they came back on to perform the last four tracks to what could be described as the most devoted audience I’ve ever experience.

There was not one person I couldn’t see with out a smile on their face. Twin Atlantic is one of those bands you know appreciates the atmosphere and excitement of the crowd that they play too; going from support acts themselves to headlining their own UK tour must be an incredible achievement for them. For a band that formed in 2007 in Glasgow, although they all had previous experience playing in small local bands, they have gone far from becoming the four-some they are. 5 years have gone past since they formed, they’re popularity has grown dramatically since the start, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Twin Atlantic. The four-some from Glasgow have made their mark and they’re not ready for it to be lifted just yet. Keep an eye out for what is known as the newest rock band to come out of Glasgow.


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