I shop at Waitrose becaus…

I shop at Waitrose because darling, Harrods is just too much of a trek mid-week

As this is my first PR blog and first post, I thought I’d start off with an issue which was brought up in one of my lectures recently.

As I have only just started studying PR and communications, you’ll have to bare with me on the technical lingo…. it will improve!!

When I think of Waitrose supermarket, I’m probably one of those stereotypical opinionated people that once I’ve had my thoughts on the subject, it will take a lot to change my view. Waitrose is Over priced, full of the upper class and older generations, hence why I don’t regularly shop there. However, this has changed recently, when discovering Waitrose’s humorous response to the sticky situation they brought upon themselves, when trying out a new PR campaign.

Waitrose started to target their social media audiences recently when they found their PR stunt kinda… didn’t go to plan!

When Waitrose asked their Twitter follows to finish this sentence; ‘I shop at Waitrose because…..’ With the Hashtag message #Waitrosereasons. It was almost like they were asking for trouble from the gang of internet jokers and trolls. Unfortunately for Waitrose, this was apparent, many followers responded with humorous comments which mocked the companies well know reputation as being a upscale supermarket.

‘I shop at Waitrose because i like the money off Yacht fuel vouchers’

Normally when campaign’s like this go wrong for companies, and the responses are negative to what they wanted to achieve the usual action that takes place is to delete everything and forget it ever happened. Their first response showed how puzzled the store were when they received the responses they thought they wouldn’t get.

‘Thanks for all your tweets, both good and not so good. We always like to hear what you think. # waitrosereasons’

However unlike the common resolution companies undertake Waitrose decided to follow their twitter follows and taking what publicity the campaign brought for the store with a witty response, which showed how far the social media has ‘grown up’.

‘Thanks for all the genuine and funny #waitrosereasons tweets. We always like to hear what you think and enjoyed reading most of them.’

Does this show that the media has changed for the better? It seems as if the prime response to bad press is to delete and forget. But what if you follow the trends of social media, then use this to get genuine feedback and responses from the target audience which buy your products?

I think this is a new beginning for a virtual way to improve the factors which draw in the audiences needed.


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